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Talento Smart

Bluetooth Time Switch

The TALENTO Smart range of time switches has annual programming capability and is programmable via an Android or iOS app. The programme is created on a tablet or mobile phone and then transferred at site or at the desk top via Bluetooth communication.

At the moment there is no PC software for the Talento smart units, however this is currently under development and should allow the user to create programs on their PC and either upload directly with a Bluetooth enabled laptop to the time switch or save and email the plans to a colleague.

  • Technical Stuff


ACTIV8 Smart Switch

Remote Programmable Time Switch

The primary sign is fitted with an ACTIV8 GSM Telemetry modem. This control device will switch the primary sign ON and OFF at pre-determined times and dates. The unit is programmed from a remote computer via a GSM network, there is no need to attend site for programming. The primary sign will then transmit this information via ACTIV8 radio telemetry to the secondary signs. The system has polling bi-directional telemetry to minimise any possible interference with other local operations and to allow monitoring of power at each site. Should a fault occur, this will be reported back via ACTIV8 GSM telemetry to a PC and or mobile phone, for the end user to take action.

  • Technical Stuff

    • ACTIV8 GSM
    • Telemetry Features
    • Programme from your office via desk top or Laptop computer
    • Fault alarm reports back to your PC or mobile phone
    • Receive e mail and text reminder to your PC or mobile phone if you forget to programme
    • Manual override for easy addition of unplanned or special events
    • Back indication of received download
    • Use any mobile phone network
    • Switchable via mobile phone
    • Heath & Safety Issues
    • No more site visits to programme units
    • No more opening difficult pole doors
    • No more climbing awkward ladders on site
    • No more dodging traffic to access controllers
    • No more downloading data at kerb side
    • Programme & Monitoring Service
    • Data input of operation times & dates
    • In put of special and unplanned events
    • 24-7 monitoring of power and communications
    • Network line rental
    • Instant fault reporting via text or e mail

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