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COMPACT "T" Traffic Management Sign

Vehicle activated sign, Designed for use with TWM's range of Traffic Management signs, ideal for Speed Control in traffic management applications. The 900mm Diagram 670 with 225mm high SLOW DOWN text makes this sign suitable for use within roadworks on all types of roads or anywhere a temporary speed limit is in force. This trailer sign can also be utilised within existing speed limits as a speeding deterrent. This sign has displays of '20','30','40'and '50' incorporated within the sign face. The unique manual switching facility on this sign allows the user to instantly change both the detection speed and speed display in one operation to suit the current limit. The new COMPACT T from TWM has footprint of 1400mm x 1100mm when set up, which is ultra small when compared to the larger regular trailers.

  • Technical Stuff

    • Battery powered with Solar Augmentation to prolong battery life, ensures long term use.
    • Robust lightweight construction for easy towing
    • ultra small footprint of 1400mm x 1100mm
    • Easy one man operation and set up
    • All folds down neatly for transportation
    • Folding operations winch assisted
    • Adjustable steadies to each corner
    • Telescopic draw bar to reduce footprint
    • Jockey wheel for ease of movement
    • 50mm ball tow hitch
    • Lockable Battery compartment
    • Inbuilt battery charger
    • Inbuilt batteries and management system
    • 60w Solar Panel to prolong battery life

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