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We minimise risk within your traffic infrastructure by improving the control and longevity of your signage assets. We offer incredible on-going customer support, with reliable hardware and a team of experts to integrate existing assets into a smart, safe and sustainable network.

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Our Sectors

Reduce speeding traffic entering agricultural sites for farmers.

Make drivers aware of potential hazards around schools.

Relieve congestion, improve air quality and reduce accidents.

Accident prevention measures in rural and suburban areas.

Monitor vehicles entering site and manage traffic flow

Bespoke solutions to meet a site’s specific requirements.

Provide speeding train warning signs, low height bridge warning signs, train wash signage and more bespoke solutions.

Improve traffic flow and communicate information to drivers.

Ensure canals and waterways are safe for the public and river users adhere to all guidance and regulations.

Relay the latest information to road users and pedestrians

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About Us

TWM are leaders in manufacturing LED integrated traffic control systems. We deliver innovative traffic control and smart city solutions, catering to commercial, industrial, and public sector infrastructure environments.


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It is always best to check with your Local Authority Highways department before installing anything on or near the public highway.

Battery life is 2-5years . Providing the sign is activated < 2,500 times per day a battery will last 2 weeks in the sign before needing to be re-charged.

As standard we can offer signage in Welsh and English, however thanks to our Cheshire-based manufacturing hub bespoke options in other languages are also available.

You can power our solutions using mains (230V), Solar assembly, stand alone battery options, wind or a combination of the above.

Data can be collected via USB cable, Bluetooth application, GSM connection or our Cloud based CMS platform.

Yes, we measure and display speeds on our signs in both MPH and KPH.
Yes, we can cater to the Irish market and offer signage solutions compliant with traffic signs regulations (TSR (NI) 1997).