Improving pedestrian safety with Aberdeen City Council

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North West based TWM Traffic Control Systems secures partnership with Aberdeen City Council to improve pedestrian safety

Crossing the road in Scotland is set to become even safer thanks to a deal struck by TWM Traffic Control Systems and Aberdeen City Council.

TWM is a division of Pilot Group, a Manchester-based sustainable technology solutions firm, and has been chosen to upgrade the city’s pedestrian crossing network.

The deal secured by TWM was made possible after Aberdeen Council secured funding to upgrade its pedestrian safety infrastructure. It will mean nearly 100 crossing points will be upgraded to the DayBright enhanced HALO units to provide a safer and highly visible crossing point for the Scottish public.

Day Bright, Zebra crossing equipment alternative Belisha Beacon

TWM have previously worked with Aberdeen City Council to install part-time 20mph speed limit signs around schools. The company had also installed ultra-bright LED DayBright Belisha beacon zebra crossings in locations throughout Aberdeenshire, which performed well.

This deal will see more of the innovative pedestrian safety measures installed across the area, which will deliver even greater benefits for Aberdonians.

By adding more DayBright zebra crossings, not only are the crossings safer but they will also become more intelligent. That’s because TWM’s ultra-bright crossing solution integrates with Aberdeen’s Central Management Systems (CMS).

The DayBright crossings form part of a city-wide smart KI-enabled solution. A design modification of the product, which was manufactured specifically for Aberdeen Council, allows easy integration with its existing CMS nodes. It is possible to integrate TWM solutions with various SMART CITY platforms such as the Ki system to allow comprehensive control of all traffic infrastructure.

It will now take the teams time to manufacture and commission the crossings for all locations with an aim to be fully up and running by the end of November. The beacons will be mains-powered for guaranteed performance and, once activated, they can be monitored through the council’s CMS, saving valuable resources in managing the assets.

Archie MacPherson, Group Managing Director of Pilot Group, said;

“This contract award is an opportunity for our TWM Traffic Control Systems division to work with Aberdeen City Council on applying our smart, safe, and sustainable solutions. As a UK provider of innovative products and services, we are pleased to be working together on a flexible solution that enhances pedestrian safety and offers easy integration with the current central management system.”

Day Bright On, Zebra crossing equipment, Belisha Beacon

Chris Rayner, TWM National Sales Manager, said,

“After working with Aberdeen City Council to improve safety on the roads around schools, it has been a brilliant opportunity to review pedestrian safety across the entire city.

TWM provides solutions that are smart, safe, and sustainable; and this project ticks every box. Utilising a fully integrated, energy-efficient LED Belisha beacon crossing solution should prove to be a valuable upgrade to the network, and we look forward to monitoring the impact over the coming months as we continue our work with Aberdeen Council to make the city safer.”

TWM forms part of The Pilot Group, click here for more information.