Bridge & Tunnel Operators

With a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of signs on bridges and in tunnels within the UK, TWM can provide a proven technical solution for any existing or new traffic control requirements on these road infrastructure assets.

Solutions can include:

-TMS (Tunnel Message Sign)
-Portal TMS (Portal Mounted Tunnel Message Sign
-TLCS (Tunnel Lane Control Signal)
-Portal TLCS (Portal Mounted Tunnel Lane Control)
-Signal SLRS (Speed Limit Repeater Sign)
-LPTMS (Low Profile Tunnel Matrix Signal)
-SCS (Speed Control Signal)
-Various External Signs

smart solutions

How Can We Help?

TWM help to manage risk across your road infrastructure assets by improving the control and visibility, incorporating reliable hardware that is supported by our incredible customer service team. Our technical experts will support integration of your existing technology to create a smart, safe and sustainable solution.

Asset management

Central Management System

TWM can provide a fully functional Road Traffic Management System (RTMS) to operate and control the urban traffic signs or integrate with an existing UTMC back-office control system.

The RTMS back-office allows the integration of most types of sensors that monitor traffic, bike or people movement within an urban environment and can be remotely monitored and supported.

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