Central Management System

CMS is a cloud-based control suite which presents key performance data in a user friendly format. It has been designed to be a scalable solution, to grow with the user and always with security of data in mind.

The CMS encompasses modern approaches to software development and toolsets and allows the user to retrieve data from the technology in its network.

Using a modern IOT architecture, CMS can be configured to talk to legacy equipment running on UTMC, as well as modern communications such as MQTT, AMQP, CaOP, and a number of proprietary protocols used in the industry. We are continually updating the interfaces that CMS is compatible with, to provide our customers with a more useful and consolidated view of their data.



Run reports on sign performance history
Proactively manage maintenance schedules
Push notifications for fault detection
Responsive cloud-based web application
Simple and flexible solutions
Ease of Maintenance
Incorporating 30 years of best in class sign manufacture
Reduced operating costs
Increased reliability


Product Options

Manages school signs (time and dates)
Configured to communicate with MQTT, AMQP, CaOP or UTMC

TWM have experience of developing software interfaces to work with the NRTS networks, Transport Scotland Networks, while integrating RS485/RS232, NMCS2, NTCIP, UTMC, TCP/IP. 4G/5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, CAN, Optical, and many more.

With the ability to undertake electronics and electrical design of embedded systems with safety critical applications (SIL), the team have a wealth of experience designing all aspects of embedded systems for Linux and .net applications.

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