LED Chevron

LED Illuminated Chevrons

Chevron Traffic Management

Designed to give drivers clear visual guidance when approaching sharp bends in the road direction. TWM’s Interactive chevron is ideal for use on today’s highways that have high instances of vehicles veering off the road.



Robust modular construction
Sequential LED Internal Illumination
High visibility border
Integral microwave detector
Automatic night time dimming facility
Ensure approaching drivers are fully aware of the hazard coming towards them


Product Options

Display options: Sequential as standard, optional flashing ON/OFF
The modular chevrons are available in three standard sizes above
Alternative Energy Option depending on site situation
Remote MVD option for high-speed roads

Once installed the illuminated chevrons increase the driver’s awareness of these types of hazards. The sign has a high visibility display that illuminates the outline of the chevron with directional ultra bright white LED’s for daytime performance and internally illuminates the whole chevron with ultra-bright LEDs for night time performance.

The chevron with its integrated radar can not only record speed data but also be set to only illuminate when vehicles approaching and that can also be set to an overspeed situation.

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