On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Pilot Group EV Plus+ Charger

Smart-grid ready electric vehicle charging station with an integrated open cashless payments system

A commercial floor mounted pedestal dual-socket electric vehicle charger. The Pilot Group EV Plus+ model offers charging revenue, overstay parking revenue and advertising revenue.



Intuitive 8” Android touchscreen
Output Power: 22kW
Remotely adjustable power output
Dual Socket charging
Single / Three phase
Contactless payments/E-Wallet
Charge point management system
Optional app with driver loyalty scheme
Over The Air (OTA) Updates
Mode 3 AC Charging
OCPP 1.6 Compliant
Built in Type A – EV RCD
3 year warranty


Product Options

Overstay parking meter
Generate advertising revenue for third parties
Internal MID meter optional

Plus+ chargers come with an integrated open cashless payments system to enable users, guests, visitors, employees, etc, to quickly charge their electric vehicles while enjoying the convenience of paying through credit cards, prepaid cards, mobile wallets or QR codes. Our smart-grid ready electric vehicle charging stations are sleek, robust and compatible with every EV model at Level 2 capacity.

Pilot Group EV Plus+ have the added ability to be utilised as an overstay parking meter. This will ensure premium EV charging bays in areas such as city centres and busy carparks are used in a cost effective and efficient manner.

All machine attributes can be managed from your smartphone or tablet. You can also take advantage of consumer engagement and additional revenue generation opportunities by displaying advertisements. Remotely monitor and market real estate by setting the date and time for when an advertisement is to play and receive monthly reports on engagement metrics.

Grants are currently available in the UK with the installation of electrical charging points, speak to our team for more information.



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