MPH Speed Control Sign with SLOW DOWN Safety Message Below

Speed Control Signs

Speed control signage to advise the driver of a change in the legal speed limit

Speed control signs or speed warning signs can be triggered by all vehicles or only those exceeding a pre-determined safe speed.

They should be used to supplement fixed mandatory plate signing and not as a substitute for it.



Virtually no maintenance
High performance LED output
Lightweight robust casing
Quick and easy installation
Compliance with TSR&GD standards


Product Options

Amber Corner Flashers
SLOW DOWN Safety Message
Village Gateway VAS
Alternating safety message
Multi-functional speed limit sign
Solar powered option
Radar or loop activation
Data recording facility
Remote access
Speed type KPH or MPH

Our vehicle activated Speed Control Sign has been designed and manufactured to mirror the regulatory maximum speed limit sign (Diag 670) described in the TSR&GD (TSRGD).

The unique manual switching facility on this LED Speed Control Sign allows the user to instantly change both the detection speed and speed display in one operation to suit the existing limit on the road. Therefore, depending on client requirements, the sign can display “30” when positioned on a 30mph road, then switched to “40” when repositioned on a 40mph road.

The light output of the directional LED display is controlled via the inbuilt photo cell, achieving best performance whatever the light or weather conditions.

This road safety flashing speed limit sign can also be radar activated and utilised for data collection.

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