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Speed Indication Devices

Speed Indication Devices (SID)

Vehicle activated signage to measure the speed of oncoming vehicles

A speed indication device is installed with the view to alert the driver of their speed and encourage the driver to slow down when the sign is activated.

A speed indication device is inherently a vehicle activated sign as it uses radar technology to detect oncoming vehicles and measure their speed.



Virtually no maintenance
High performance LED output
Lightweight robust polyethene casing
Quick and easy installation with aluminium clips on the rear
Compliance with TSR&GD standards


Product Options

Multi-functional speed limit sign
Welsh DSD Speed Display Sign
Mini 300
DSD Speed Display Sign
GPS option allows accurate speed data to be collected and linked to specific locations
Solar powered option
Optional data recording facility
Optional remote access facility
SLOW DOWN safety message option
Sad/Smiley face option

Vehicle activated speed display signs use amber LEDs and are triggered by radar. The MVD (Microwave Vehicle Detector) is discretely positioned within the sign body, showing no external traces of a detector, yet allowing maximum detection. The MVD is easily programmed via a netbook/laptop computer, the lead is connected via a USB interface connector to the side of the sign which makes on-site adjustment simple and easy.

The ultra-bright LED digital speed display is extremely visible when activated with the light output of the directional LED display is controlled via the inbuilt photocell, achieving best performance whatever the light or weather conditions.

Cost effective solutions such as our Mini 300 are ideal for villages and parishes, with the power supply options including solar, wind and battery.

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