Variable LED Car Park Information Sign

Single colour GSM data collection info display sign

The Variable LED Car Park Information Sign has the ability to display two pages of text which alternate between each other for three seconds.

The sign can be pre-programmed with up to ten designated messages and has the capability of displaying free text.



Provide live updates to road users and pedestrians
Up to 2 pages for pedestrian information display
Trusted numbers activation
Multistage dimming


Product Options

With or without amber corner flashers
GSM/SMS controlled
Wind & solar options available
Up to 10 pre-set messages
Radar activation available
Temperature sensor
Surface sensor

The text is displayed in amber LEDs and the sign has a black non-reflective 200mm border which surrounds a black background.

Control of the sign is via an SMS text message sent by a registered trusted number, this avoids any unauthorised messages being displayed on the signs.

Both the pre-set message and free text can be sent via the text message option. If required the sign has the option of an override switch installed in the base of the pole, this allows the user to switch between pre-set messages.

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