Variable Message Sign

Bespoke variable message signage solutions

With over 30 years of experience, the design team have experience designing variable message signage for the UK motorway networks, bridges and tunnels as well as city centre, private sites and car parking systems.

Working with customers from academic institutions, the NHS, major blue-chip, highways authorities and maintenance providers to provide a solution that is best suited to the clients needs.

We approach each engagement to provide a solution that best addresses the customers needs, with an open platform designed to be integrated with existing systems.



Car Park Guidance Signs
Car Park Occupancy
RGB Full Matrix Signs
Vehicle Counting


Product Options

Complete system integration with:
Access control
Bus-lane violation monitors
Pollution/weather monitors
Car park information
Over height vehicle detectors
MIDAS vehicle detectors
Bespoke solutions
Flexible and varied communications
Applications include:
– Car Park Guidance
– Driver Information

Variable Message Signs are not simply used to convey accurate information to the travelling public. They provide efficient decision making for their operators and managers allowing them to have a real-time impact on traffic, safety, on time delivery, reduced emissions, and efficient traffic management.

The team can support compliance to relevant standards for your products and advise, asses and help prepare your Structural Design Statements for submission to the relevant approval authority.

We can also advise on testing mechanisms and methodologies to help prove your products are in compliance with the latest transport regulations, and help interface with the approving authorities to ensure the best outcome is reached.

Our experience and industry knowledge ensures we can design your equipment to your specifications that will meet the requirements of transport regulations and approving authorities. The expertise of the team covers mechanical, software and electronics.

Using the latest technologies the team can rapidly take a concept to prototype and marketplace, while meeting the required regulations.

All designs are built on the teams years of experience in designing systems that are efficiently manufacturable while being easy to maintain and practical to implement.

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