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Improving Pedestrian Safety in Bolton With Enhanced Zebra Crossing Solutions

Location: Bolton, Lancashire

Problem: Pedestrian safety and the risk of collisions

Solution: Improving pedestrian safety in Bolton by increasing visibility of zebra crossings using the ultra-bright LED DayBright mid-post and post top retrofit solution

The situation

TWM had previously worked with Bolton Council to deliver an extensive project, supplying over 60 bespoke signs to help reduce speeding throughout the borough. This significant update in signage resulted in a decrease in speeding cars throughout Bolton’s road network, creating a safer environment for road users in the area.

Following the success of the tri-colour LED speed indication signs, discussions proceeded in finding the best way to improve pedestrian safety and encourage compliance with stopping at zebra crossings.

The challenge

Bolton Council wanted to make zebra crossings more prominent as they had identified an issue with vehicles not stopping at the crossings, which was increasing the risk of pedestrian collisions. In order to avoid excessive disruption on Bolton’s roads, the Council needed a quick and easy retrofit solution.

This issue was identified in several locations, making it essential for the updated zebra crossing equipment to be rolled out quickly. Furthermore, as many of these crossings were located in residential areas, consideration needed to be taken to minimise light intrusion.

Given the scale of the project, familiarity with the area and its main accident dark-spots were very important so as to ensure that the equipment could be rolled out in locations where it was needed most.

Key Benefits

  • Improved visibility of zebra crossings to increase pedestrian safety
  • Easily retrofitted without civil/excavation work to avoid costly DNO connection and transfer charges
  • 24-hour high performance illumination in all conditions, especially very bright sunlight
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Retrofit LED runners to existing posts
  • Synchronisation module upgrade option available to Synchronised or Alternating
  • 2 Halos per head that can be aligned to the oncoming traffic for maximum visual impact

The solution

TWM put forward the solution of the clamp-on mid-post LED DayBright PLUS belisha beacon zebra crossing equipment. In light of the success of the speed indication devices (SIDs), Bolton Council were confident that TWM would deliver a solution that would lead to a significant increase in pedestrian safety.

The DayBright PLUS is an alternative belisha beacon head that includes the industry-standard globe, enhanced with a halo of super bright amber LEDs. The DayBright range of retro-fit LED products were designed to give drivers enhanced visibility of pedestrian zebra crossings, improving pedestrian safety. DayBright is a leading product in today’s market that when fitted to existing pedestrian crossing posts, gives 24-hour high-performance illumination in all conditions, especially very bright sunlight.

The installation included both the DayBright head and retrofit LEDrunners on the posts, which can be retrofitted to any standard or illuminated zebra crossing post in less than 1 hour, without the need for any civils work. The metal shroud around the halo also ensures light intrusion is controlled, avoiding disturbance to residents.Day Bright, Zebra crossing equipment alternative Belisha Beacon

As the upgrade was purely electrical using existing infrastructure, there was minimal disruption in rolling out the equipment. All of TWM’s products are also manufactured at their site in Winsford, Cheshire and proudly belong to Made in Britain which ensured the products could be swiftly delivered to update the crossings as quickly as possible.

Given the previous project carried out in the borough, TWM were very familiar with the area and so could make recommendations to achieve maximum effectiveness in each location. TWM always look to familiarise themselves with an area when working on a project to ensure they fully understand the needs of their customers and residents.

The solution

The continued success of the DayBright PLUS belisha beacons means the project is still ongoing, with over 40 installations now being completed.

Chris Rayner, National Sales Manager for TWM, commented:

“Visibility is key when drawing drivers’ attention to a pedestrian crossing and the ultrabright LEDs of the DayBright ensure this is achieved.

Since beginning the installation of the signs, Bolton has seen a 17% reduction in pedestrian casualties from 2017 to 2019 and we expect to see this figure rise as we continue the rollout of updated zebra crossing equipment throughout the borough.”

Kev Marshall, Group Commercial & Operations Director, added:

“We’re extremely proud of our relationship with Bolton Council and the impact we can see our solutions are having on the safety of road users and pedestrians.

The tri-colour bespoke signage not only reduced speeding in Bolton but offered the option of monitoring average speeds and relaying this information to the council.

Now with the DayBright PLUS zebra crossing equipment we are creating safer environments for road users and pedestrians and we hope that we can continue to work with Bolton on future projects.”

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