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TWM Deliver A Flexible VMS Solution For Hartlepool Borough Council

Location: Hartlepool

Problem: Rising traffic incidents on busy roads entering the town

Solution: Pre-programmed Variable Message Sign with free text options, securely controlled with remote access

Hartlepool Borough Council had recognised the need to forewarn drivers of possible traffic problems on key roads entering the town.

The strategic locations were identified as the A689 eastbound carriageway at Sappers Corner and the A179 eastbound carriageway near Hart village within the borough of Hartlepool. The A179 is the main road to the north-west which leads to the A19 and the A689 is the main road to the south-west towards Billingham, Stockton, Middlesbrough and York resulting in both roads experiencing high volumes of traffic daily. Having worked with TWM on previous projects, Hartlepool Council approached TWM to discuss the best solution to meet their requirements.

They required a flexible solution to allow for multiple messages to be applied as and when situations or events happen. With operative safety and limited resource, a remote access controls system was a must.

Hartlepool council also wished to review the option of using renewable energy to power the signage, having previously invested in signs with wind and solar power capability.

Key Benefits

  • Secure GSM technology
  • Text function for flexibility
  • Encourages alternative routes, reducing congestion
  • Improves air quality through enhanced traffic flow
  • Integration capabilities with further TWM solutions, Air Quality Monitors, advanced CMS platform.

TWM proposed using the INFO1000, a (VMS) Variable Message Sign, scalable to suit various applications, pre-programmed with free test options and controlled remotely by the authority. Due to the size and location of the signs, they required a more reliable source of energy and so TWM ensured the signs were powered by mains electric to guarantee performance.

CAD road sign

Signage control would be by remote GSM text message technology built into the signs. The signs can only display messages that are sent from registered trusted numbers, ensuring no unauthorised messages will appear.

This ensures drivers travelling on the key routes into Hartlepool are given advance notice of any accidents as well as public service messages such as COVID-19 guidance or air quality updates if linked with the TWM Air Quality Monitoring solution. Moving forward, the signs can also be used to assist with route management to improve traffic flow during peak times, for example during big events in the town or football matches.

Peter Nixon, Senior Traffic Technician at Hartlepool Borough Council commented:

“We had used TWM on another project and found the product and service to be excellent and so we approached them to help us with this new signage. The flexibility of the INFO1000 is ideal and meets our requirements for this project perfectly.”

TWM will continue working with Hartlepool Borough Council in their goal to make the roads around the North East safer, preventing more accidents and improving air quality.

As more signs are installed with technology capable of connecting to a CMS, it is likely the council will look to implement this further in the future. A central management system will allow them to easily monitor and maintain their signage, collect traffic data and push messages to specific signs.

It is the ambition of TWM Traffic Control Systems to provide Smart, Safe and Sustainable Solutions for future generations.

Working with businesses and local authorities like Hartlepool, future instillations of SMART signage using renewable energy will see us achieve our goal.

Chris Rayner, National Sales Manager for TWM commented:

“It has been a brilliant opportunity to work with Hartlepool Borough Council again on this new project. This signage we have provided will ensure drivers are informed of the latest traffic and public safety messages as they travel into Hartlepool. We hope the town benefits from improved traffic flow, reducing congestion and improving air quality”

TWM forms part of The Pilot Group, click here for more information.

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