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TWM Helps Yorkshire Farmer Embrace LED Signage to Reduce Speeding

TWM Helps Yorkshire Farmer Embrace LED Signage to Reduce Speeding

Location: Rainton, North Yorkshire

Problem: Speeding vehicles on agricultural site

Solution: LED Speed Indication Device (SID) Mini 300 signage

Modern-day farming often embraces new technology in their operations and nowhere is this more evident than at The Grange in Rainton. Covering a 3-acre site with several private roads, this carbon-neutral arable farm has previously won awards for their work in precision farming, soil improvement, wildlife enhancement and conservation.

With such an environmental focus, the farm owners recognised a potential issue with speeding traffic entering the site. Large agricultural vehicles, trucks and delivery vans were driving onto their site from 6am to 6pm, with high volumes of traffic for at least six months of the year during their peak operations.

This was not only producing pollution which could impact soil quality and damage property but as both children and animals occupy the site safety was also a key concern.

The farm owners began reviewing a costly option of setting up barriers at the site entrance but with such high installation and operational costs the solution was not ideal.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight (5.6Kg)
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional data recording facility
  • Affordable
  • Welsh option
  • Auto-dimming as standard
  • Digit size is 200mm for speed – ideal for low speed limit sites
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • High performance LED output

The solution

TWM regularly exhibit at the Traffex Parkex exhibition in Birmingham, which is where the farm owners were introduced to the business. The situation was discussed and TWM put forward the option of a cost-effective speed indication device, the Mini 300 sign. The 200mm high ultra-bright LED digital speed display is extremely visible when activated and becomes unnoticeable when dormant so does not disturb the landscape unnecessarily, making it an ideal option for agricultural low speed limit sites.

MINI 300 Speed Display Signs for Villages & ParishesThe light output of the directional LED display is controlled via the inbuilt photocell, achieving best performance whatever the light or weather conditions with minimal power consumption. The MVD (Microwave Vehicle Detector) is discretely positioned within the sign body, showing no external traces of a detector, yet allowing maximum detection. With such quick and easy installation, TWM offered a one-month trial of the speed indication device on the farm to observe the impact on traffic. The farm owners were immediately impressed with the impact it had on speeding, Graham Potter commented: “The Mini 300 sign definitely helps slow down the traffic, I’ve received several comments on how effective it is at drawing the attention of drivers – plus it is positioned ideally for me to check the speed showing on the sign as lorries drive past while I have my morning coffee!”

By displaying the actual speed of vehicles entering the site, Graham can observe the speed and speak directly to the driver should they be seen to pass the speed limit. This direct accountability can also be used to inform the businesses delivering to the site and make them aware of any speeding issues with their drivers.

With virtually no maintenance, the Mini 300 speed indication device has proved to be the ideal signage solution that has addressed the speeding issue on the farm without costly installation or ongoing expense.

Next steps

Although the speeding issue has been addressed, the farm owners may also wish to attach a TWM ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera which can use the sensor technology already installed in the signage to capture images of vehicles speeding on the site. These images could then be sent to the businesses driving onto the site to and demonstrate any incidences of speeding and also track any repeat offenders with collection of number plate data.

Chris Rayner, National Sales Manager for TWM commented:

“It was brilliant to meet Graham at the Traffex Parkex exhibition and we’re delighted to have delivered a signage solution for him that was cost-effective and delivered the desired results. Drivers have reduced their speeding on the farm and the roads are safer.

TWM aims to deliver intelligent transport systems that ensure we work and live in an environment that is smart, safe and sustainable.”

TWM forms part of The Pilot Group, click here for more information.

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