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Wirral Roads Made Safer With Support from TWM

TWM supports community watch with improved road safety measures across Wirral

Newly installed VAS Solutions

Residents of the Wirral have seen improvements to local road safety thanks to newly installed electronic vehicle-activated signage from TWM Traffic Control Systems.

TWM, which is part of The Pilot Group, secured a three-year deal with Wirral Council to introduce a solution that would help to improve speed awareness and make roads across the region safer.

The contract, which is worth almost half a million pounds, has seen TWM design, supply and install over 20 LED Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) across the Wirral Council area.

Capitalising on sustainable power

The VAS, which help to warn drivers of any impending danger due to excessive speeds or unforeseen hazards, use radar technology to detect oncoming vehicles and includes a combination of sensors and wireless communications.

By only illuminating upon detection of a car, the signs are also able to avoid any wasted energy and could be powered off-grid or by renewable energy sources where possible.

Key Benefits

  • In-depth understanding of local area requirements
  • Easy installation
  • Dedicated account manager with regular progress reviews
  • Improve community engagement
  • Support community watch programs
  • High performance LED output signage
  • Traffic data collecting technology for future analysis and management
  • Virtually no maintenance on signage
  • Sizes and display as per the TSR&GD
  • Quick & easy mounting facility

The solution

Since installation, the VAS solutions have seen up to a 16% reduction in speed across some areas and have received positive feedback from residents and Wirral Council, which have already appointed TWM to complete additional work in the area. This includes VAS speed control signs with twin amber flashers, ‘slow down’ safety message and LED ‘keep left’ signage.

Wirral Council are also looking to begin using the TWM central management system (CMS) for the signage, which allows remote monitoring and sign updates. This avoids wasted trips to the signage as maintenance can be managed through the CMS, saving valuable resource in staff, time, and money, as well as unnecessary travel.

The data collected can also be useful for police intelligence, customer enquiries and to help justify further investment in road safety measures.

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