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Time To Upgrade Your Traffic Management Plan?

Why LED signage needs to be part of your HSEQ site traffic management plan


If you are a traffic planner or involved in traffic management and road safety for private sites you will be very familiar with developing a traffic management plan, but have you considered including LED signage in the method statement?

LED signage can deliver a range of benefits that help improve road safety on private roads, especially when establishing a traffic management plan for road works, inside warehouses or pedestrian walkways in the workplace.


Improve visibility in the workplace

One key benefit is improved visibility. With the use of powered signage, there is less danger of the signs becoming dirty and the message being obscured, impacting road safety. Reflective signage is much more likely to be impacted by the dust and dirt of some sites. On construction sites for example where weather can also play a factor, poor conditions can often impact visibility of reflective signage.

Using LED signs within your traffic management plan addresses this issue, meaning health and safety signage is seen whatever the British whether throws at you.


Better compliance to workplace safety regulations

With greater visibility also comes enhanced compliance. We can now often suffer familiarity fatigue with standard signs, despite the reflective material they can often be missed completely, impacting the success of your traffic control. Animated signs with flashing LEDs help to capture attention and so they are more likely to encourage adherence to the sign information. This delivers a huge health and safety benefit, reducing the likelihood of accidents.


Audio aids to support signage compliance

By opting for powered signage in your traffic management plan there is also the option of incorporating an audio aid in the sign. This can prove particularly valuable on sites with significant noise levels to assist in capturing attention for example heavy manufacturing sites. An alarm can be triggered using sensor technology to detect oncoming vehicles, notifying the driver of the hazard or safety message.


Flexible signage options

In a global world where the workforce can include multiple nationalities, the flexibility of powered signage can also be very useful. One key benefit is the ability to show safety messages and information in different languages, with multiple messages shown on same screen for a fixed time period. This helps limit the quantity of signs needed, reducing sign clutter.


Improve the energy efficiency of workplace signage

Although adopting powered signage within your traffic management plan does inherently involve energy consumption, the energy efficiency of the signs ensures this is limited. Through using sensor technology, the signs only illuminate when they detect motion or oncoming vehicles and so do not waste energy by illuminating continually. Also through using LEDs rather than incandescent fittings within the signs, they ensure minimal energy is used to deliver excellent illumination performance.


Reduce maintenance costs with LED signs

The longevity of LED lighting and the quality of signs themselves also ensure reduced maintenance of the signs is required, which is a further benefit to a traffic planner. Reflective signs have a much higher replacement frequency which can be particularly challenging in some locations such as large-scale construction sites.


Ultimate signage control with a central management system

Powered signage can also be connected using a central management system (CMS) which allows ultimate traffic management control. A CMS can detect any signage failure, update messages on specific signs and also collect data through a cloud-based, secure application. LED signage is a long-term investment that can drastically improve road safety. When reviewing the range of benefits such an investment can offer, it may be time to incorporate this technology into your traffic management plan. Speak to our specialists for more information on LED signage.

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