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TWM Launches New Smart Speed Camera

With speed continuing to be a contributing factor to many road accidents, Manchester’s leading supplier of traffic control systems and signs, TWM, has launched CAPTIS Smart Speed – a new camera that can record both the speed and registration plate of a vehicle in one compact unit. Ideal for roads where there has been a history of fatal or serious crashes, or where non-compliance with the speed limit is an identified problem, CAPTIS Smart Speed is easy to set up, does not require software, and thanks to the high resolution of the camera, it boasts impressive accuracy. As well as being able to capture both regular plates, it can capture challenging plates such as those with half-height and stacked characters.

CAPTIS Smart Speed utilises uncompressed HD video for a high-accuracy ANPR system. Upon successfully capturing a number plate, the camera transmits the ANPR data along with a plate image (black and white) and full-colour photo of the vehicle to TWM’s Easy Connect Controller (ECC) via TCP/IP connection. Once the data is received, the current speed from the K-Band Doppler radar is logged and both the ANPR images and the vehicle speed is saved into the local database. The K-Band Doppler radar tracks oncoming vehicles accessing and egressing through a planned detection zone.
Smart Speed Camera

We are delighted to unveil this latest speed camera and are proud of its latest technology. We are certain it will become a key contributor to road safety.

– Kevin Marshall, Company Director at TWM
Once the vehicle has left the detection zone, the radar sends the event information including entry speed, peak speed, exit speed and average speed information

Smart Speed Camera

 to the ECC via serial combination. The data is then merged and the information is saved to the local database. CAPTIS Smart Speed is available as static or mobile and can be operated by mains voltage, battery or solar. In addition, it can be linked to WiFi and TWM’s EEC web-based interface. Alternatively, in the future, the system will be able to operate remotely via GSM through TWM’s CMS system and this will also include user-defined alert notifications. Commenting on this latest launch, Kevin Marshall, Company Director at TWM explains: “Since around 2000, there has been a boom in the use of speed cameras in the UK as studies show they are effective at reducing the number of accidents and road deaths. Not only do speed cameras help remind drivers of the importance of speed limits and the penalties for being caught speeding, but they can also help reduce the number of collisions, serious injuries and save lives.


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