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TWM unveils DayBright PLUS road beacon

DayBright PLUS Road Beacon in Action

TWM unveils DayBright PLUS road beacon

Renowned for its innovative traffic control systems and illuminated traffic signs, Winsford-based TWM has extended its range of road safety crossing equipment with the patented DayBright PLUS – a super bright LED post top or mid-post beacon solution that is designed to give drivers and pedestrians enhanced visibility of pedestrian crossings. It features in excess of 110 high-powered amber directional LEDs, positioned to create independent Halos on each side of the beacon for optimal viewing. DayBright Plus is designed to emit exceptional daylight illumination in all conditions especially on bright sunny days, or poor weather conditions. Courtesy of a dynamic photocell, it is then able to adapt to its surrounding light in order to reduce glare if required.

The viewing angle of each halo can be commissioned to suit the layout of the road eliminating any directional blind spots. The simple and clever head design is the only product of its kind that can be adjusted to suit both traffic flows where there is a radius or bend in the road. The DayBright solution can be used to easily upgrade any current stock of traditional Belisha beacons on the network. A further option of including the patented, LED Retrofit strips, allows the client to upgrade to a fully illuminated crossing with enhanced head and posts, without the need for any costly civil works or electrical connection charges. These strips are also vandal resistant in design and are fixed to the post through a secure concealed fitment.

Kevin MarshallKevin Marshall, Company Director at TWM explains:

“Traditionally, internally illuminated zebra crossing poles offer little or no conspicuous value as they are only truly effective during the hours of darkness, with daytime visibility being virtually non-existent. However, thanks to the DayBright PLUS LED beacon and LED illuminated white bands, an exceptional enhancement to the visibility of the crossing can now be provided.

“We launched this LED zebra crossing beacon as a testament to our passion for developing equipment that brings enhanced road safety to both drivers and pedestrians.”

DayBright PLUS is available in kit form and can be retrofitted to any standard or illuminated zebra crossing post in less than one hour without the need for any civil work. Providing quick and easy maintenance access, the low energy LEDs also ensure a long life.

The hi-glow beacon is manufactured from polyethylene and the colour pigments and compounds provide a high level of luminescence for daytime and night-time visibility. The DayBright PLUS beacon can be purchased as a standard mid-post arrangement or complete with the DayBright LED runner strips.


DayBright PLUS Road Beacon

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