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Bridges and tunnels

Bridge & Tunnel Operators

Solutions for the Bridge & Tunnel Operators Sector

Bridges and tunnels come with their own risks, one of which is strikes by overheight vehicles.

There are over 2,000 bridge strikes every year across the UK, causing thousands of hours of train and vehicle delays, all of which come at a huge cost to Network Rail and Local Authorities (estimated cost is in excess of £20m a year).

The RAC Foundation’s latest report (March 2022) also found the number of substandard road bridges managed by councils across Great Britain has risen for the second year running. Local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales identified over 3,000 bridges – defined by highway engineers as structures over 1.5m in span – as being substandard at the end of 2021. Many of these aren’t fit to support the heaviest lorries which can weigh up to 44 tonnes. This is largely due to bridges being built to earlier design standards, while others have deteriorated through age and use.

Being able to warn road users of height and weight restrictions in advance is critical to enabling them to take a different route to avoid the infrastructure in question. Advising vehicle users of lane restrictions or hazards in tunnels also supports increased safety.

Smart Solutions

How Can We Help?

We have a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of signs around and on bridges and in tunnels within the UK, we can provide a proven technical solution for any existing or new traffic control requirements for these road infrastructure assets.

Our technical experts can also support integration of your existing technology to create a smart, safe and sustainable solution.

Asset Management

Central Management System

TWM can provide a fully functional Road Traffic Management System (RTMS) to operate and control the urban traffic signs or integrate with an existing UTMC back-office control system.

The RTMS back-office allows the integration of most types of sensors that monitor traffic, bike or people movement within an urban environment and can be remotely monitored and supported.

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Our technical experts are on hand to speak to you about improving your existing technology to create a smart, safe and sustainable solution.

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