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Solutions for the Parking Sector

It is estimated that there are between 17,000 and 20,000 non-residential car parks in Great Britain, including those run by councils, commercial parking companies, shops, hospitals, businesses, railway stations and airports, providing between 3 and 4 million spaces*.

The average motorist in the UK spends nearly four days every year (91 hours)** looking for parking spaces, according to new research from the British Parking Association (BPA). Time is valuable and could be being spent elsewhere, in addition the time spent driving around only adds to congestion and air pollution. Looking for a parking space can also be stressful and put people off visiting or staying at your location.

We are proud to be members of British Parking Association (BPA) who support parking and traffic management professionals to deliver the highest quality services that benefits society and the environment.

*RAC Foundation

**Department of Transport National Travel Survey indicates 921 car journeys per person / a year. According to research conducted by BPA the average time motorists spend looking for a space = 5.9 mins. 921 x 5.9 / 60 mins = 90.5 hours. 

Smart Solutions

How Can We Help?

Parking guidance helps drivers to locate the car parks they need and takes them to where there are spaces available. Variable message signs (VMS) can display real-time capacity information, so parking operators can guide drivers quickly to car parks with available spaces, helping to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety. Within in a multi-storey car park, our car park guidance systems can advise which floors have what spaces (standard, disables, EV charging etc.) available, saving time and stress.

When correctly located, far enough from the city centre, campus or tourist attraction, intelligent signage can also encourage drivers to use park and ride schemes when car parks are full – reducing congestion and improving air quality.

Asset Management

Central Management System

The TWM Central Management Systems (CMS) helps operators of retail sites and parking areas who wish to remotely access and manage their assets by providing complete network visibility through a cloud-based solution. By automating asset management, collecting and processing data and giving visibility of assets, less journeys to site are required, there are lower maintenance and resource costs and perception by the public of their service is improved.

Gain total control through our CMS traffic management software, a user friendly Windows® based PC package, with user-friendly presentation of count data via ‘TRAMS’ which provides meaningful, understandable information to work with.

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