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Solutions for the Rail Sector

There were 15 people who died in accidents while trespassing on the mainline in the year April 2021 to March 2022 and there were eight fatalities at level crossings which involved seven pedestrians and one motorcyclist.*

Rail is an important mode of transport, especially if we are encouraging people out of their cars and onto public transport, in addition a significant amount of freight is moved by rail. Network Rail believes safety is paramount, for passengers and other members of the public using the infrastructure, and employees.

Risks are faced across the rail infrastructure; level crossings and bridge strikes are just two of those. There are nearly 6,000 level crossings on the rail network across England, Wales and Scotland which are made up of passive and active crossings.

Passive crossings have no warning systems in place, unless the train driver sounds the horn, leaving the responsibility with the crossing user. Active crossings are where warning systems are in place, such as barriers and signs.

There are also more than 2,000 bridge strikes every year, an average of 5/day, in Britain, costing millions of pounds of damage and thousands of hours of train delays.

We provide solutions to both active and passive level crossings and bridge protection.

*Office of Rail Regulation

Smart Solutions

How Can We Help?

From speeding train warning signs and low height bridge warning solutions to train wash signage, TWM can provide bespoke solutions to the rail sector.

Intelligent signage can help to improve the safety of level crossings, informing all road users of the potential hazard and specifically when trains are coming through. WigWag signs are used in a number of scenarios, rail crossing being one of those, they are signs people recognise and understand.

Rail bridges are often hit by high sided vehicles which causes disruption to both the highway and the rail network, and it all comes at a significant cost. Our overheight vehicle detection system will alert the vehicle drivers that their vehicle is too high to pass under an upcoming bridge and advise them to turn around or divert.

Asset Management

Central Management System

The TWM Central Management Systems (CMS) helps rail operators who wish to remotely access and manage their assets across several sites by providing complete network visibility through a cloud-based solution. This can reduce journeys to the site, lower maintenance and resource costs and improve perception by the public of their service.

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