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Solutions for the Waterways Sector

British waterways include canals, rivers and docks.

Across England and Wales there are 2,000 miles of canals and rivers flowing through our cities, past our homes, alongside our offices and out into the countryside.

Many people enjoy traveling on these waterways or walking alongside them.

Smart Solutions

How Can We Help?

We can help to improve safety around and on canals and waterways by providing real-time information and direction, whilst adhering to all guidance and regulations with TWM waterway LED signage.

TWM help to manage risk across your road-side waterway infrastructure by improving the control and visibility of your signage network assets, incorporating reliable hardware that is supported by excellent customer service.

Our technical experts can also support integration of your existing technology to create a smart, safe and sustainable solution.

Asset Management

Central Management System

The TWM Central Management Systems (CMS) helps the operators of British waterways who wish to remotely access and manage their assets across several sites by providing complete network visibility through a cloud-based solution.

This can reduce journeys to site, lower maintenance and resource costs and improve perception by the public of their service.

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Our technical experts are on hand to speak to you about improving your existing technology to create a smart, safe and sustainable solution.

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