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Parking Guidance & Management

Smart City Intelligent Transport Systems

Improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety by monitoring traffic and communicating information to drivers and pedestrians.

TWM solutions include UTMC compliant variable message signs and counting equipment as well as stand alone systems designed to meet your requirements.

Variable message signs can be made bespoke with 100mm, 160mm, 240mm, 320mm or 400mm character heights and easily removable character modules.

Car park occupancy can be monitored through counting using a range of methods such as underground loops, interface to barrier or ultrasonic detectors. Our technology offer seamless integration with further equipment and capabilities such as communications media.

Smart Solutions

How can we help?

TWM help to manage risk across retail sites and parking areas by improving the control and visibility of your signage assets, incorporating reliable hardware that is supported by our incredible customer service team.

Our technical experts will support integration of your existing technology to create a smart, safe and sustainable solution.

Asset Management

Central Management System

The TWM Central Management Systems (CMS) helps operators of retail sites and parking areas who wish to remotely access and manage their assets by providing complete network visibility through a cloud-based solution. By automating asset management, collecting and processing data and giving visibility of assets, less journeys to site are required, there are lower maintenance and resource costs and perception by the public of their service is improved.

Gain total control through our CMS traffic management software, a user friendly Windows® based PC package, with user-friendly presentation of count data via ‘TRAMS’ which provides meaningful, understandable information to work with.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Other technologies

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Our technical experts are on hand to speak to you about improving your existing technology to create a smart, safe and sustainable solution.

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