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Crash Site Road Hazard Sign

Vehicle activated LED sign (VAS)

Crash site signage / road hazard signs are a great way of providing a safety alert to motorists indicating a known hazardous area.

The interactive sign will display SLOW DOWN CRASH SITE if the approaching vehicle is above a pre-determined limit.

Key Benefits

  • Radar discretely positioned within the sign
  • Multi-stage dimming to ensure best performance

Product options

  • Data recording facility
  • Remote access
  • Amber Corner Clusters

The road hazard sign is radar activated.

When a vehicle approaches at a speed which is over the set threshold, the striking blue LED border highlighting the large Black on White reflective “THINK” Motorcyclist symbol will illuminate, along with the white LED text reading “BACK OFF” (Again this can be changed to suit client requirements).

The reflective “CRASH SITE” and “STAY ALERT” text reinforces the safety message

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