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Ice Warning Signs

Intelligent Ice Warning Sign

Flashing Ice Warning Sign with automated temperature detector

When the temperature falls to this established point, the alternating amber LEDs are activated.

Key Benefits

  • Controlled by surface and air temperature sensors
  • Vehicle activated
  • 200mm ultra bright LED corner flashers
  • 8 stage dimming facility


  • Remote data collection capability via GSM module
  • Wind or solar powered

This intelligent self activating ice warning sign is manufactured from 3mm aluminium and powder coated grey with a retro-reflective sign face. The sign also features four ULTRA Bright LED 200 mm Amber corner flashers.

A remote road surface temperature sensor activates the ice warning sign display and also uses a switching device to activate a backup air temperature sensor where necessary. By including a switching device with a backup sensor, it is guaranteed the sign is only activated when the pre-determined temperature parameters are reached.

The sign has the option of remote data collection capability via the addition of a GSM module and we can also manufacture to be wind or solar powered where required. This intelligent sign is vehicle activated, ensuring your highways and routes to school are safe with improved warning of potential hazards.

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