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Introducing the revolutionary

Mini Matrix™

Delivering multiple message types 
in a single sign

A single sign for multiple messages and types

Traditionally, the marketplace has been focused on providing a one or two message-based fixed aspect sign to provide notifications to road users – be that speed related, advanced information on road layout or height restrictions.

The Mini Matrix range provides a single sign solution that can be used to convey multiple messages and message types. It is designed to allow fully compliant TSRGD aspects to be displayed using the state-of-the-art TWM Central Management System (CMS).

The Mini Matrix comes complete with an MVD speed detection radar which allows it to be deployed in traditional VAS applications. The display can be programmed with a selection of TSRGD compliant aspects as would normally be associated with a fixed VAS sign – however given the flexibility of this sign virtually any TSRGD compliant message can be conveyed as and when circumstances change.

Through the use of the CMS back office system, live data capture from the radar is relayed to allow for accurate monitoring of average road speeds, traffic flows and driver behavioural patterns.

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Key features

  • Flexible display technology removes the need for traditional single function signs
  • One sign to replace multiple signs
  • 5 Year Warranty*
  • Wireless updates
  • High resolution full colour RGB matrix display
  • Adaptable to customer requirements
  • Fully networkable
  • Compatible with other TWM products
  • Inbuilt Radar, Comms and optional ANPR module

Unique design

The Mini Matrix allows the unique feature of adaptive speed control enabling road operators to actively change road speeds when adverse conditions exist, or when road traffic usage is impaired, thus removing the requirement to set out expensive temporary plate signs and mitigate the safety risks associated.

With a class leading 12mm pitch full RGB matrix conforming to BS EN 12966, the Mini Matrix provides a high resolution solution ensuring a clearer image quality is achieved.

Due to its unique design, the Mini Matrix can be deployed as a standalone unit or as part of a larger system. Even when deployed as a standalone unit, it can be adopted into the CMS thanks to an inbuilt communications module that can be remotely enabled when an operator subscribes to the TWM communication package.

Download data sheet

Download the data sheet

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