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Technical Training Sessions

Bespoke training solutions to support you and your team

The technology of sign display solutions is ever evolving to provide more data and insights, smoother operations and enhanced user experience. 

To ensure you and your team remain up to date on the latest technology being used in the industry, we can offer bespoke sessions with our technical engineers.

With over 30 years experience designing variable message signs for the UK marketplace encompassing all products delivered by TWM, Variable Message Signs Ltd and Techspan Systems Ltd, TWM retains a wealth of knowledge associated with the signage, technology, application, software and approvals of these products.

Key Benefits

  • Training available in person, online through webinars or more focused one-to-one sessions

Product options

  • Group webinars
  • Group face-to-face training
  • One-on-one virtual or in person sessions

TWM staff has experience of providing training
for such products as national highways compliant:

  • MS1
  • MS4
  • MS3
  • AMI
  • Pegassus
  • Tunnel Signs
  • English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh variants.

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